I was born in a strong Christian home. I never purposefully missed church, Sunday school, or youth, and I’m still like that.

However, in middle school and into high school, my faith became more complicated. I had some influences in my life that lead me to think differently. I started living a more sinful life and felt depressed. But while this was happening, I was still keeping up appearances: never missing church or youth and still praying, but it was religious, not personal. I still “loved” God, but continually denied Him with who I was.

The thing that actually kept me coming back to God were doubts. My doubts triggered research, which gave me answers and reassurance.

Then I went to camp. There, I experienced God. But after camp, I faded away again. This happened for the next two years. Finally, in 2020, at camp, I got back into the Bible and back into God. God used my year at camp in 2020 to teach me patience, humility, joy, and to dig deep into scripture and doctrine. I’m not perfect, but I’m still different.

I now know where I belong.