In His last moments speaking with His close followers, Jesus told them to make disciples. A disciple is like an apprentice; someone who learns a set of skills from someone else. In our case, our set of skills is being like Jesus, and the people we learn from are other disciples who can share their experience with us.  Journey is a 6 week course for people who want to be baptized. In this course we focus on discipleship; looking at how Jesus lived, and then learning how we can be like Him in our church, and in our world.

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Sunday Services: 9:30 am + 11:00 am

120 Pineview Drive, Winkler MB, R6W 1T3   |   204.325.8322   |

Sunday Services: 9:30am + 11:00am

120 Pineview Drive, Winkler MB, R6W 1T3