Bridge the gap fundraiser

This Christmas we asked you to help us be the bridge to build healthy diverse relationships and support families with physical and relational care in the name of Christ.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise $14,500 to help Winkler Bible Camp and Central Station bring hope and peace to families in need. Thank you so much for supporting our community!

While we planned to support the Winkler & District Cheerboard, they let us know that thanks to the amazing generosity of our community they have well surpassed their fundraising goal and have encouraged us to give to another organization in greater need! We decided to re-direct our donations for the Be the Bridge fundraiser to support Winkler Bible Camp to help bridge the gap after a season where they were unable to run their usual summer camp programming.

Due to COVID, many vulnerable children and families like Sara’s are facing increased isolation and risk of being “dropped’ in the system (lost between agencies and service providers).  Central Station plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap by helping families access supports, take them to appointments, provide counselling, and create opportunities for connection and belonging.  With your support, we can empower and equip families to take their next step.