Celebrating 15 years of Terry

On September 12 we had the pleasure of surprising Pastor Terry and celebrating his 15 years of ministry at WMBC! We encourage you to connect with Terry in the coming weeks to share words of encouragement and gratitude and help us continue to celebrate with him!Terry,...

Bettina’s Story

Bettina As a little girl I was brought up knowing that Jesus is the Saviour and He died for our sins. I started reading the Bible at a very young age, I spent lots of time listening to Bible stories, and just became at home in the Bible. But as time went by I got to...

Jessica’s Story

JessicaLike many others, I grew up in a Christian home where my parents taught us to love and follow Jesus. My mom lead me to accept Jesus as my Saviour at a young age one night at home. Nothing really changed as I was so young, but I grew up believing in Jesus,...

Vanessa’s Story

I was born here in Winkler and raised in the Christian faith. I don’t recall many of the specifics anymore, but I do remember attending Sunday school and at a young age inviting Jesus into my life and then a few years later inviting Him in again, just in case He didn’t hear me the first time.

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Keziah’s Story

I have always grown up in a Christian home. I have always gone to church and prayed and known who Jesus was. I had never realized that you could have a relationship with God. I always thought that you shouldn’t do bad things like lying and stealing, and if you did you needed to ask God for forgiveness.

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A Better Quality of Life

A Better Quality of Life Kelly Robertson is praying and trusting God for provision after taking on a journey towards a better quality of life.Kelly is 25 years old, and during her last year of university, she experienced many negative health issues which she would...

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The ‘B’ Word

The 'B' Word Hey there WMBC! We are getting our blog back up and running and we’re starting with some stories from WMBC staff. We know that we aren’t getting to see each other as much or have personal connections in the foyer, so we are trying to fill that gap. Our...

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Erynn’s Story

erynn heinrichs19 years and 9 months ago God made me. I accepted Jesus into my heart very young, not knowing what it meant. Even though I had God and a very loving family, I developed anxiety and depression, ADHD, and trust issues from the experiences I encountered....

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Dylan’s Story

Dylan Wiebe I prayed a prayer at an age I can’t recount. It likely sounded very familiar to many, but just for good measure, a very similar prayer was made not many years later during my first camp experience at Winkler Bible camp. I am grateful to have grown up in a...

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