Celebrating 10 Years of Kayla

On October 24 we celebrated Kayla Sukkau's 10 years of serving on WMBC Staff. Kayla has a goal of providing 5 sets of Crayola Colors of the World Markers for every Elementary School Classroom in GVSD. That's 510 boxes! If you would like to show her your appreciation...

Celebrating 15 years of Terry

On September 12 we had the pleasure of surprising Pastor Terry and celebrating his 15 years of ministry at WMBC! We encourage you to connect with Terry in the coming weeks to share words of encouragement and gratitude and help us continue to celebrate with him!Terry,...

Bettina’s Story

Bettina As a little girl I was brought up knowing that Jesus is the Saviour and He died for our sins. I started reading the Bible at a very young age, I spent lots of time listening to Bible stories, and just became at home in the Bible. But as time went by I got to...

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Men with Beards contest! We had some great submissions! Winners were announced on Sunday morning but in case you missed it you can see the list below. Oldest Participant: Gary WiebeYoungest Participant: Jude ZachariasFastest Growing: Curt Penner Honourable mentions included: Pete Giesbrecht, Conrad Zacharias, and JR PetersMost Unique: Chad Berg Honourable mention: Shawn KlassenOutside those categories, we also want to give some honourable mentions to Norm Blatz, Steve Wiebe, Russ Peters, JR & Tonille's Dog, Jenny & Val, and the Peters' Boys

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On Sunday, Pastor Terry wrapped up our Men with Beards series by exploring Malachi! These are the last words God says to his people for 400 years. The next time He speaks is when Jesus comes! Malachi has words of life and conviction for a people who had become bored and half-hearted in their worship, and over 2,000 years later, his words reach our church today. Check out Terry's message at messages.winklermb.com and rediscover the life of worship God desires for you.

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“I am, right now, Resurrection and Life. The one who believes in me, even though he or she died, will live.” – Jesus (John 11:25)This year at Easter we want to acknowledge those who are hurting in our church family because a loved one has passed, and remind each other of the incredible hope that we have because of Jesus. He rolled away the stone of every believer’s grave because of his resurrection and victory over sin and death! If you’d like to remember a loved one that has passed on recently, we are going to acknowledge them on Easter morning as we turn our hearts to hope in Jesus. Please send us their name and connection to you by April 13.

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