Lessons from First Corinthians: The Body of Christ

A few months ago, I wrote a post about our upcoming Sunday series on the book of First Corinthians. Now that we’re coming closer to the end of the series, we’ve learned a lot from Paul and the Corinthian church on how to live together as a community that follows Jesus...

Staff Picks Summer Reading List

Looking for some good books to add to your summer reading list? Here are some of our favourites! Small Town Jesus by Donnie Griggs "Have you ever thought what “Jesus of Nazareth” actually means?  Small Town Jesus is a great little book about the implications of God...

Invitations to Listen

"God comes to you. God comes to you disguised. God comes to you disguised as your own life." - Paula D’Arcy I love this quote, and it reflects in many ways my own personal spiritual journey this past year.  I think I sometimes miss the presence of God in my life...

Welcome to the WMBC Blog

We’ll be sharing thoughts, updates, and stories from staff and WMBCers every month.

Membership: Behind the Scenes

Last June, I wrote a blog post about how we were planning some changes to what membership (and baptism) would look like at WMBC. Instead of leaving all this work “behind the scenes,” I’d like to bring this out into the open a bit more and talk about what some of these...

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All In

Have you ever been to the point of no return in your life? I remember swimming across the lake at St. Malo with a couple of friends, and one of them turned out to not be a great swimmer. Not really something you want to learn when you’re about half-way across the...

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Christmas for the City

Last winter, in the weeks after my daughter was born, my wife and I spent a good deal of time watching Christmas movies on daytime TV. Needless to say, this not critically acclaimed cinema. Every film shared a similar premise: someone’s life is changed for the better...

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Doing Church On Purpose

In the Board Report that we put out a few weeks ago, our Board Chair, Conrad Zacharias, wrote the following: “We want to ‘do church on purpose:’ being relevant and reaching our community and culture, not just a continuation of ministry activities that have already...

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Sunday Services: 9:30am + 11:00am

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