Summer Camp Ministry Financial Assistance Application

Camp Staff Support Application

Part One

Please submit Part One to the church office by July 8 and complete and submit Part Two by September 23

Part Two

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application form. If you need additional space for any of the questions, please use an additional sheet of paper. Please return this application form to the church office by September 23.

Financial Information & Future Plans

Camp Experience

WMBC Camp Staff Support Policy

The GO Team will review all applications (keeping all financial details confidential) and determine how they can financially assist you within the following policies WMBC Policy for Summer Camp Workers financial assistance: 1. Assistance for camp workers will be paid out according to the number of weeks worked at camp depending on the number of applications and consequently the amount of money available from our budget. The maximum time will be 16 weeks per person. 2. The amount for workers for their summer service will be up to $50 per week. 3. CRA requires WMBC to co

Statement of Commitment

I release the use of my photo and/or quotes to WMBC for communication material. I agree to participate in any preparation or debrief process; including a willingness to help fundraise, meet with a prayer partner, and to report verbally or in writing about my camp experience for the larger WMBC church family