As of April 2019, Dinah Elias has officially been on staff at WMBC for 10 years and we want to celebrate this milestone!  We’ve been incredibly blessed to have Dinah serve our faith community as worship director and we want to thank her for the level of excellence, passion and creativity that she has brought to our worship ministry.

Dinah, on behalf of the entire WMBC family, thank you!  Thank you for modelling for us authentic worship.  Thank you for helping us unleash our creativity.  Thank you for helping us live a life of meaning and purpose.  Thank you for putting in countless hours and going above and beyond.  Thank you for being a continual learner.  Thank you for praying for us and caring for us.  Thank you for making hard decisions.  Thank you for walking with us through tragedy and life’s challenges.  – Pastor Terry (Lead Pastor)

I have been blown away by how much Dinah genuinely cares for the volunteers in her ministry area. I have also really enjoyed the laughter that she brings into the office. Thank you for loving this community so well Dinah! You’re amazing! – Mike Franz (Team Development Director)

My number one takeaway from the past decade of working closely with Dinah is that she values people. She would far sooner plan an encouragement night than a training event and is much quicker to speak an encouraging word than one of criticism. It is by no coincidence that the volunteers that serve under Dinah’s care stick around. In the face of a challenging personal journey, and having a job where she faces demands from congregation, volunteers and staff, it is inspiring to see how she directs people to Jesus, the reason we do any of this.  – Curt Penner (Worship volunteer)

Dinah is my go-to when I want to dream big!  As a volunteer, I have had so much fun working alongside her in dramas and as a co-worker she brings the fun meter up another notch in the office!  I am blessed to have her as my friend! – Colleen Giesbrecht (Programming Director)

Dinah is like my work mom. She wants the best for me, protects me and my family, and is always ready to share a laugh, especially at Terry’s expense.  – Luke Hildebrand (Community Life Pastor)

Dinah is, in no particular order, funny, creative, passionate, and caring.  I recall her old Mennonite lady character who would appear for special events.  She always had the crowd laughing.  Her creative vision comes out in the many drama writings and productions put together over the years.  She always has a picture in her mind and somehow gets that out for all of us to experience with her.  Dinah’s passion is evident in all everything she does.  If it is worth doing for Dinah, it is worth doing well!  Dinah always wants to know how you are doing.  I remember when our son Caleb was in his first year of life and we were never really sure if or when we would be taking him for surgery, Dinah (and Wes as well) would always ask how he was doing, even while going through their own difficult journey.  Dinah is fantastic to work with, and whether it’s just a conversation about tech stuff at church, a laugh in the sound booth, or a hug when it’s needed, she continues to be much loved and appreciated. – Eric Wiebe (Worship volunteer)

Regardless of her circumstances, Dinah finds ways to support and encourage others. I’ve been so blessed to have Dinah as a friend. – Rachel Loewen (Office Administrator)

Dinah is a fiercely loyal and protective friend.  She is a faithful advocate for those she loves and is always willing to go to bat for you.  I really appreciate having such a trustworthy person on the team.  – Dan Doerksen (Family Ministries Pastor)

Dinah never ceases to amaze me with her heart for Jesus and her passion for creatively illustrating the gospel.  – Krysten Hildebrand (Receptionist)

Dinah’s ability to face life with humour is a real special gift.  She sees humour in things that would make anyone else upset. I’ve learned so much from that.  Her laughter brightens my whole day, and I think, oh, this isn’t as bad as it seems. – Dave Sukkau (Custodian)

I’ve been so blessed by Dinah’s authenticity! She allows people to see both joy and struggles, and through it, to see her deep beauty, courage, and compassion. I so enjoy working with her! – Janessa Damphousse (Programming Director)

Some of my best memories with her would have to be when Wes and Dinah joined us on a mission trip to Mexico. Dinah has such and uplifting spirit, and she is just so much fun to be around. Wes and Dinah were like my second parents on that trip.  I have also had tons of fun working with her, and other cast members, performing in large production dramas, and the many small skits. Dinah is extremely creative and talented when she writes.  – Elmer Penner (Drama Volunteer)