Celebrating 15 years of Terry

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Encouragement

On September 12 we had the pleasure of surprising Pastor Terry and celebrating his 15 years of ministry at WMBC! We encourage you to connect with Terry in the coming weeks to share words of encouragement and gratitude and help us continue to celebrate with him!

Terry, you’ve been a great mentor for my first years as a pastor: your genuine love and concern for the people you’re leading, your passion for seeing the Church really fall in love with Jesus, and your drive to do all that you can for the Kingdom of God are exemplary. Also, you make great fries.

Luke Hildebrand

Community Life Pastor

‘”Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God’” Philippians 1:3.

I am exceptionally grateful for the leadership Terry has brought to our staff team.  He has done AMAZING in the midst of ALL he has had to navigate through this past year and a half.  But more than that, I am honoured to be part of a staff that he truly cares for.  He has a heart for people; his family, his church, his staff.  I love working at WMBC- and he’s a big part of that reason!  And the fact that he whistles Christmas tunes all year long….

Colleen Giesbrecht

Kids Ministry Director

Terry, you have been such a blessing to our WMBC community as a pastor and friend.  You constantly share a deep desire to reach people for Jesus, not just to this congregation that you love, but for the city of Winkler and around the world.  One of my greatest joys in working with you is when you suddenly appear at my office door to tell me about a scripture verse or passage that you are studying and with absolute delight you share how God has given you a deeper understanding for that verse and that you can hardly wait to share it with the entire congregation.  It’s that excitement and that desire to constantly seek after God’s heart that shows me your authenticity and passion for what you do.

Thank you for being a continuous support through my own grief journey, thank you for challenging me to grow both in my faith and in my job as a worship director.  And when I stand in your doorway after you have explained a plan that I know I don’t have the skills to pull off, your response to that doubt is always the same.  You will clap your hands with a big smile and say, quite loudly I might add, “Come on Dinah, we can do this!” 

In Jeremiah 3:15 God says, “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”  

Thank you for being that shepherd!

Dinah Elias

Worship Director

Thank you for the 15 years of diligent service to the Lord.

I appreciate the support and encouragement you were to me and to all the staff. You have made a difference in this community and in my life.

The Bible-based sermons come to life when the historical settings of the topic explored are highlighted. Good work!

You showed us the importance of taking care of ourselves and emphasized and encouraged our development as staff and as leaders.

Starting the day with quietness and prayer for ourselves and the hurting is just another way of showing how you want to keep God first in the minitry and in your personal life. Thanks for those valuable lessons.

The prayers and care you have shown to our family during our most difficult of times in our lives will be forever treasured.

Dave Sukkau

Building Management

Terry is a great leader! He has been such an encouragement for myself in the way that he has believed and trusted in me. He truly cares for WMBC, spurring us on to walk out the gospel, taking time to intentionally care for people by making personal phone calls and ensuring that each day the staff takes time every morning to pray for different people within WMBC. We’re so blessed to have Terry as our lead pastor. Thank you Terry!

Mike Franz

Spiritual Life Director

One of the things I appreciate and admire about you as a leader is the intentional way you work to encourage and support your leaders and us as staff. Your desire to see us thrive both in our work as a ministry as well as in our personal lives and families is one of the things that makes WMBC such a great place to work! You challenge and encourage me to set boundaries, take care of myself and give my best to my family.

You also push (usually shove haha) me out of my comfort zone in the background and challenge me to take more active leadership roles. Which, lets face it, I don’t really love haha… but it’s good for me I guess. 😉

I appreciate the compassion and love with which you view our church community, city, and beyond. Thank you for inspiring us to do the same.

Happy fifteen years at WMBC!

Kayla Sukkau

Communications Director