Celebrating 10 Years of Kayla

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

On October 24 we celebrated Kayla Sukkau’s 10 years of serving on WMBC Staff.

Kayla has a goal of providing 5 sets of Crayola Colors of the World Markers for every Elementary School Classroom in GVSD. That’s 510 boxes! If you would like to show her your appreciation for her hard work at WMBC, we encourage you to drop off a box of markers (or some cash) to help her reach her goal!

Congratulations Kayla on 10 years!  It has been such a joy to see you grow not just in creativity, but in compassionate storytelling.  Through your hard work and dedication, you have given voice to countless stories of God at work at WMBC.  You have opened our eyes to the beauty of God all around us, shared your heart for hospitality, and inspired WMBC to passionately love and follow Jesus.  Looking forward to more years of “kaylafication” at WMBC! 

Terry Dueck

Lead Pastor

Kayla is such a joy to work with! A number of times when we’ve been emailing one another about work items she has made a heart warming comment about something in my personal life. Kayla has shown up to our door step to offer meals when my Dad passed away and when our daughter was born. That really exemplifies who Kayla is, she genuinely cares, loves, and shows up when it matters most. Love working with you Kayla! Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me!

Mike Franz

Spiritual Life Director

Kayla, you exude creativity, it’s just central to who you are and you can’t help but share it with everyone around you.  Whether you’re designing for a ministry, branding a sermon series or planning those amazing birthday parties for one of your precious girls there’s so much joy in what you do and so much love in every detail.  I love how passionate you are about opening up a world of creativity to the children in our community, you have a vision to provide them with the tools and skills they need to express themselves and that endears you to everyone around you.   You are awesome baby girl! 

Dinah Elias

Worship Director

Kayla! You’re so incredibly creative, I love to see the visuals and ideas that you come up with. There’s a reason your name is actually a verb around here. I also really appreciate the practical perspective and ideas that you bring to the church!

Luke Hildebrand

Community Life Pastor

Kayla is such a joy to work with! She brings so much life and creativity to our team! I also love being able to hear her share stories hear her perspective on life as it challenges me to look at the world in a different light.

Dana Berg

Student Ministry Director

Kayla’s creative work at the church has been a huge help in Kids Ministries over the years.  She literally makes me look good with all her behind the scenes skills.  I love working with Kayla and seeing her heart for ministry excel as well as her passion for getting stories out there for others to be inspired and grow in their love for Jesus.  She’s awesome – so glad I get to work with her!

Colleen Giesbrecht

Kids Ministry Director

Thank you Kayla for your dedication to the work at church! Your commitment to get the job done required you to be available all the time, basically.  It shows how much you care about people and are willingly sacrificing your life to Christ. That is an encouragement to me. Thank you. 

Dave Sukkau

Building Manager