erynn heinrichs

19 years and 9 months ago God made me. I accepted Jesus into my heart very young, not knowing what it meant. Even though I had God and a very loving family, I developed anxiety and depression, ADHD, and trust issues from the experiences I encountered. Through the hills and valleys, God was always there. Never a doubt in my mind to even second guess that he wasn’t. “Does God really exist?” was a question that I kept asking myself all of my life, what I didn’t realize was that he was right in front of me, behind me, beside me, and in me. For the past three years I have been wanting to get baptized, but the time never came to do it right. But I realized there was no right time, there shouldn’t have to be a right time to declare to the world that I am his daughter, it should be all the time. As I went to bible college to find out who God is, I found comfort in friends, I took a step and went to therapy, I started on my journey to mental health healing, and I learned more then I ever could about God and his plans for me. So today, I’m here to stand before you all to say that I wouldn’t be here without God, and that I am devoting my life to him, to walk in the path he’s made for me, to proclaim that I am his, and to spread the love and life he has given me to others. So thank you, for watching me grown up, and for continuing to watch me grow in my relationship with God. When I was thinking of a verse that I hold dear to my heart, I found a song called “Hills and Valleys.” The chorus says, “On the mountains I will vow my life to the one who sent me there, in the valleys I will lift my eyes to the one who sees me there. When I’m standing on the mountain I didn’t get there on my own, when I’m walking through the valley, I am not alone.” He is the God of my Hills and Valleys.

please pray…

“for continuous healing in my mental health, for my relationship with God to grow stronger, and to be a light and shine in the darkness.”