Everyday Mission

As followers of Jesus, we should model our lives after his: do what he did, and practice what he practiced.  When you follow in the footsteps of Jesus you will discover the God-given mission that he has for your everyday life.  Here are five simple ways you can live on everyday mission.

Begin with Prayer

Commit to start each day by praying for Holy Spirit to lead you to  interactions and conversations with people that God can use to bless the world – be bold and ask for a “divine appointment!”


Listening to our neighbours, family, friends, and even a stranger is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.  Listening lays the relational foundation for conversation and dialogue.


One of the most effective ways to go beyond small talk and occasional conversations, is to eat with people!  Missional hospitality is a tremendous opportunity to extend the kingdom of God right to your kitchen table.


Almost without exception, the people we are meant to serve will be in close proximity, right around us!  As we build relationships through listening and eating with others we will know how to meet others’ needs in practical and impactful acts of service.


We are call to share the story of God; the story of how we found our way back to God through Jesus.  Start with how things used to be before you found your way back to God.  Then talk about what it was like when you found your way back to him.  And lastly, describe how things are different with Jesus in your life.


Sunday Services: 9:30 am + 11:00 am

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Sunday Services: 9:30am + 11:00am

120 Pineview Drive, Winkler MB, R6W 1T3