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a father’s day to remember

GO Missionary Update by Brian Krahn from Ancla de Amor

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Over the years Clarissa and I have received countless children into our home. It has been a journey that has never been an easy one.

It is not hard to receive a child that needs help, but it is certainly hard to learn about their life and the events the have brought them to us. We agonize about it, as I know all of you would as well if you only knew the half of it.

We received a 9 year old boy in January that certainly had an uphill battle before him. He was diagnosed as hyper active, and living in an orphanage in norther Sonora. His parents lost custody of him and his brother. A family ended up adopting his brother but he remained at the orphanage.

Receiving a child that is on medication and hyperactive was a concern to us. So many unknowns right? We already had 14 children in our home, how would he possibly fit in? One thing we felt would help him was out swim club, a safe place to burn off some of that energy.

He arrived at Ancla a scared little boy. It must be overwhelming to be relocated to a new place with new people that are strangers. Can you imagine how lonely that must feel? One of the first things he shared was that his brother got a family but he didn’t. He was sad about that. On top of being rejected from his biological family and the abuse involved, he felt rejected again by the family that adopted his brother, and then again by the orphanage that was struggling to take care of him. They simply didn’t have the staffing available to give him the attention that he needed.

Months went by and we learned quickly that he was a very smart young man that only desired to be cared for. In time, we reduced his medication as we wanted to know who he really was and we actually got to the point that he was not on medications at all. We remember him telling us that he has to take his medications or he will turn bad. We learned that he was a very normal boy only needing structure and family and never once did he have any kind of outburst that was abnormal. He had a heart to please and to be accepted.

Very recently we learned that the family that adopted his brother were now ready to adopt him as well. Our hearts were overjoyed at the thought that he would see his brother again! Having said that I was a little sceptical because the system here is so very flawed. To my surprise, within a couple weeks it all came together and we found out this was going to happen!

Saturday came, and instead of DIF arriving for him, his new family arrived. It was such an honour to work side by side with DIF and prepare him to meet his new mom and dad and his little brother. The reunion was heart touching and an experience Clarissa and I will hold in our hearts for as long as we live. The greatest part to this whole thing is that these people are Christians and when they saw the bible we packed for him in his bag they asked if we were as well? The body of Christ literally came together and we could see how this whole experience was God ordained. What an amazing way to send off our little boy, knowing that his new Mom and Dad would continue to build on the foundation that we laid. Praise The Lord!

Today, we find ourselves lost in our thoughts and emotions. We are truly overjoyed for him and his new life! We cannot be happier. Having said that there is an empty place at our table and we notice he is not there. We are not mourning necessarily, but it’s the only word that seems to fit the feeling. There is another empty spot in our hearts as we look at the many faces around our table, and think of the many that were once there. Children come and children sometimes go. We know that it is our job to do the best we can for them in the time that we have because we never know who will be at our table tomorrow. This experience gives us hope for all the children that we care for and it reaffirms that God loves them all and that He is very, very Good.


Those that have learned that we have a spot available are already asking. When will be the next? For us, probably soon, we just need to take a little time to emotionally heal and prepare our hearts so that we can start again.

For those of you that love and support us we say a huge thank you! You allow us to do our work and without you we cannot be here.

Our second house is almost complete and our nexts house parents are on site and ready to work. Lord willing they will move in soon and our doors will be open to do more. Please pray and every detail comes together as The Lord desires.