Grocery Stories

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Our Stories

“It was my birthday and I started the day off trying to be thankful in the little mundane things. Things like needing to do laundry (this meant we had clothes to wear) and going grocery shopping (meant we had food to eat). It was with this mindset that I started my day.

We were just leaving Superstore when I spotted her. A mother sitting on the bench by the entrance with her infant. I didn’t know them at all, but as we were about to walk by she said something to me. I honestly don’t remember what she said but it was something indicating how challenging this phase of life was. I took that as an invitation to sit down and hear her story. She shared about how they thought the had life figured out with 2 kids and then along came baby number 3, the one that she was soothing on the bench. It was clear that she was overwhelmed in this life stage and struggling as this hadn’t been their plan.

I offered to pray with her and she happily accepted it. This then lead to hearing more about her story including aspects of her faith story.

To be honest – this was the highlight of my day. An opportunity to look beyond my circumstances and encourage someone else.

Being a mom isn’t an easy journey – I’m thankful to have been able to hear her story, share in her journey, and hopefully encourage her along the way.”

Rachel Loewen