One of the best ways to acquire a new skill, develop a quality or characteristic, or prepare for a new phase of life is to find someone further down the road who can mentor you. Sure, you can go online, or take a class, but learning from another person with knowledge and experience is proven to be one of the best ways to grow.

The thing is, you might not look for a mentor. Actually, you probably won’t. Mentorship is intimidating, there are some real barriers that often keep people from pursuing it.

Unclear Expectations

It’s hard to know what to expect from a mentorship. How often should we meet? Are we friends? How long does this mentorship last? Without a system or guidelines, these unclear expectations turn into unmet expectations, and the relationship can sour.


Another barrier to mentorship is the vulnerability required to make it happen. Mentorship involves our weaknesses and strengths, our stories, and our hopes. Even the act of asking for mentorship requires a certain level of vulnerability. For many people, that level of vulnerability is enough to keep the from ever asking.

Who Am I?

Who really feels qualified to mentor someone else? Who feels like they’re far enough down the road to turn around and help someone else get to where they are? Some of us, in some areas, might be comfortable with this but many don’t feel worthy to mentor someone else.