May 7, 2020

GO Partnership update

Youth For Christ Winnipeg

“The ministry of Youth for Christ Winnipeg continues strong, even though the circumstances might have changed. We remain focused on connecting with young people and their families in our communities, on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our words and our actions, and on helping young people become His disciples for the rest of their lives. We are grateful to the people and groups who have partnered with us in this amazing opportunity, and we cannot thank you enough for your support.” – Cliff Heide, Executive Director (WMBC Missionary)

Every year YFC Winnipeg 95.1 CHVN radio for three days of YFC Winnipeg Radiothon. Tune in May 5-7 to share youth testimonies and stories of change; you will hear about challenges and successes, and you will hear prayer and praise items. You will hear how God is using YFC Winnipeg to make an eternal impact on the lives of people around Manitoba.

this sunday

Join us online this Sunday for part two of our 3-part series: Ready or Not
Last week, Pastor Terry said that change brings both opportunities and dangers. This week we’ll look at how change throws us off-balance and the temptations that comes in times of transition. We’ll learn together what we can do to trust in God through all circumstances.


Do we ever stop growing? God does some of his greatest work in our lives in the midst of change and transition. This week we look at the story of change in the life of Saul and learn what we can do to embrace change in order to grow and mature.

WMBC youtube channel

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and comment on the video link below by Sunday, May 10 and you will be entered to win a $25 Gift Card for Charley B’s PLUS an extra $25 Gift Card to Pay Forward to someone else!

kids slime activity

Review last Sunday’s Bible Story with your kids using a fun slime activity! Visit the link below for directions and a printable download.

parent-teen workshop

Parents of Jr High & High School teens are invited to Students Night Live for a workshop on Coping with Anxiety on May 7:30 pm on Zoom.

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