by | Nov 1, 2017 | Sermon Series

"Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother." (Matthew 12)

Jesus repeatedly stressed the importance of spiritual family and living in community as brothers and sisters. In other words, Jesus wants you to know that when you love and follow him, your family is bigger than you think! What are the implications for us at WMBC? How can we move beyond Sunday morning to make room for each other in our daily lives?

This month we’re going to explore how we can partner with the vision that Jesus had for church to be family, we’ll tackle topics like singleness, how to disagree and not divide, how do we love others different than us? Here’s a quote from someone single and their experience of church. It’s a powerful expression of the loneliness we can experience in “community” and why the church as family is so important.


Married People haven’t a clue what it’s like to be single. They say horrible things like, “When you stop looking that’s when it’ll “happen”. God’s getting that special one ready for you.” It wasn’t necessarily what I was experiencing but what I observed. I saw these things happening to the singles in their 30s who are facing the prospect that marriage may not happen and are trying to come to terms with that realization. Married people often don’t include singles. They go tribal and singles are not part of the tribe – we have our own tribe right? But that is just so far from the truth and so far from what God intended community to be. So all of this to say, that church can be a very lonely place. One single friend said, “it’s so lonely sometimes, I sit there with a stomach-ache through the whole service.” I understand that married people can feel lonely too, I guess it’s part of the human condition. I don’t understand why God would hardwire us this way for connection and relationship, for marriage, and then not allow it to be realized. I feel cheated. I feel second best, even though there is nothing wrong with me.”

Join us this month at WMBC, as we dive into the practical implications of being a spiritual family.