Next Steps

There is a next step for you!

At WMBC we’re all about leading people to passionately love and follow Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that to love and follow Jesus is a journey, and we’ve identified four steps on the path that help guide and determine our progress.

These Steps Are:

Connect, Grow,
Serve, Engage

We want to make this journey as clear and simple as possible. We’re all more likely to do something that is simple rather than complicated. Remember, WMBC isn’t a building, staff or Sunday morning; it’s a movement of people who have committed to a mission. People like you!


When we connect with the father-heart of God we are awakened to our identity as his sons and daughters, and through that relationship we become part of God’s family. Community is the context for discipleship; it’s out of a place of relationship that we lead people to love and follow Jesus. The depth of relationship we have with one another is vital in our journey with Jesus.

Your Next Step


We want to lead you to grow in your understanding of who God is, what He has promised to do through Jesus, and apply that understanding to how you live your life. The Gospel changes everything! Three main avenues of growth are cultivating our relationship with the God who loves and delights in us through worship, gaining a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
Your Next Step


God has created and gifted each one of us for a purpose and we believe the best way to discover that is by serving and caring for the practical and spiritual needs of others. Jesus modelled for us what it means to truly love and serve others, and so we follow his example of compassion and sacrifice. Through serving we discover the joy and adventure that comes from sharing the love of Christ.


God’s heartbeat for the world is that everyone would be restored into a relationship with him. We advance his kingdom by living with the purpose to make God known and enjoyed by everyone. At WMBC we are committed to engaging others with the demonstration and declaration of the good news. We believe this means moving beyond the walls of the church and reaching our city and the world to show that God is for them.

Sunday Services: 9:30 am + 11:00 am

120 Pineview Drive, Winkler MB, R6W 1T3   |   204.325.8322   |

Sunday Services: 9:30am + 11:00am

120 Pineview Drive, Winkler MB, R6W 1T3