One Story At A Time

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Vision

Have you watched one of those videos on YouTube where someone puts on a pair of EnChroma glasses and sees colour for the first time?  I love those videos!  Seriously, go do a google search of “seeing colour for the first time” and watch a couple, the reactions are amazing!  Within seconds they are often overcome with emotion because their eyes now see a world filled with colour, a world filled with such vibrancy and beauty.

This image of people seeing colour for the first time has captured my imagination when it comes to the potential of the church to reveal Jesus Christ to people.  Like someone seeing colour for the first time, I desperately want people to see the church in a new light so that they discover Jesus.  Only the church can show people that they are loved by God and forgiven and set free through Jesus Christ.  There is a whole new world waiting for people to discover called God’s Kingdom.

People have been blinded or robbed of experiencing Christ’s love because of their perceptions of the church, they see our hypocrisy, and a condemning Christian sub-culture; they see an institution anchored in tradition and stuck in the past, irrelevant to their current needs.

I believe we can change this perception.  I believe we must change this perception.  Not because our goal is to get people to “go to church”, but because our goal is to see the Spirit of God transform them into who God created them to be through grace-fueled community.

Imagine every little circle of confetti in the picture above represents a story! A story where someone from WMBC lived out the beauty of God’s Kingdom, and in doing so changed the perception of the church. Imagine thousands of stories bursting out of the walls of 120 Pineview lived out in the relationships of each of our lives! Stories about neighbourhoods that were turned upside down by the unexplainable kindness and radical generosity of WMBC.

I believe every single one of us will be needed to achieve this vision.  It will take a united community of people desperate to see a movement of God’s power and love unleashed in our city, and willing to live as missionaries for Jesus.  But I also believe that change happens one story at a time; a single story of Christ’s love in action really can change someone’s life.  So what story are you writing with your life?