Celebrating 15 Years of Rachel

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Encouragement

As of August 2019, Rachel has officially been on staff at WMBC for 15 years and we want to celebrate this milestone! We’ve been incredibly blessed to have Rachel serve our faith community through administration and we want to thank her for the level of detailed excellence and integrity she has brought to all things financial and administrative.

Rachel, on behalf of the entire WMBC family, thank you! Thank you for tirelessly working behind-the-scenes to support and advance the mission of WMBC. I’ve had the privilege to watch you mature and grow in your giftings and you such a blessing to our church. Thank you for being a continual learner. Thank you for not just making sure that numbers add up correctly, but your passion for wanting those numbers to tell the story of what God is doing among us and through us. Thank you for putting in countless hours and going above and beyond. Thank you for praying for us and caring for us. Thank you for modelling vulnerability and authenticity. Thank you for commitment and desire to see others equipped and empowered for ministry.

Terry Dueck

Lead Pastor

My earliest thoughts of Rachel has and continues to be that of the most amazing office help possible – and always with a smile and word of encouragement to go with it.  She has a huge heart for providing the best options that will benefit our church family and goes the extra mile to make it happen.  As a co-worker, I have been countlessly cared for and assisted with her patience and expertise – especially when I first started and needed computer help.  She has been a gift to me in my adventures at WMBC!!

Colleen Giesbrecht

FM Programming Director - Kids Groups

It has been a privilege to get to know and work with Rachel these past few years.  She is a wonderful help to me while I learn the ropes of how the church ticks. She has a servant heart and has become a trusted friend. She has a patient and gentle nature that makes it a pleasure to work with.

Linda Penner

Board Member

Over and over I find myself thinking, “Rachel is SO perfect for her job!” She is hard working and diligent with every detail. However, even more than these things, I admire how Rachel cares for the details in the lives of the people around her. She is excited with people in their joy, and sees when people are hurting. She takes time for people, and displays so well what it is to be a good friend.

Janessa Damphousse

FM Programming Director - Student Ministries

Rachel has an incredible level of integrity.  Her honesty and attention to detail are such attributes in her role as Administrator.  She truly is a gift to WMBC.

Dan Doerksen

Family Ministries Pastor

Rachel, I’m so glad for WMBC that you didn’t take the job at Puratone 15 years ago!  I pray that you can contribute your skills and gifts to WMBC for years to come.

Conrad Zacharias

Board Member

Rachel has a genuine desire to serve others. I remember when I had made a mistake on some of the donation receipts that we received to take our high school students on SOAR Heartland. In order to fix the problem we had to call many of the donors back and ask them to make changes. Rachel called every single person back for me and made all the necessary changes. This was a big help! Thanks for serving this community for 15 years Rachel!

Mike Franz

FM Team Development Director

Rachel is thorough in all aspects of her job. She is patient and creative and thinks the best of people. She always takes time to address problems and assures a positive outcome. These are all indications that she is devoted to Jesus!  Thanks Rachel and Thank you Jesus for leading her to WMBC!!

Dave Sukkau

Building Manager

Rachel cares about people and she has a gift for listening to their life stories and through that becomes their prayer warrior.  I know that because she has done exactly that for me in my life many times over.  The church is blessed to have her working here and I am blessed to have her in my life not just as a co-worker but as a dear friend.

Dinah Elias

Worship Director

Rachel is an awesome blend of supercomputer and caring friend. She has an incredible mind for numbers, concepts, and how and when these apply, but she is also very caring and thoughtful.

Luke Hildebrand

Community Life Pastor

Rachel does a fantastic job of keeping our church finances in order. She strives to make sure all the bookkeeping is done perfectly. Congratulations, Rachel. It is great working with you. 

Connie Pauls

Month End Book Keeper

I love seeing Rachel light up when she shares about something fun she got to do with her kids the night before (probably building Lego together), or how giddy she gets when she figured out a new formula for a spreadsheet! I have seen how she truly cares about the direction our church is headed and although a lot of her work is done in the background, she is a strong part of our team and we wouldn’t be able to do it without her!

Natalie Wiebe

Office Reception

Rachel has been an awesome support and mentor to me over the past 10 years in the area of being a church administrator. She’s always willing to answer my questions and share her knowledge (which is vast). Even more so, she’s been an amazing personal support and she’s become a dear friend.

Wendy Dunham

Pastoral Assistant, Grace Mennonite Church