It’s the time of year when people begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions!  One of the first things we think about is our physical health.  We want to lose some weight after binging on Christmas treats and chocolates for the last two weeks, or maybe we’ve set a goal that this is the year we’re going to train for that half-marathon. Physical health isn’t haphazard or accidental, if you want to be physically healthy, there are certain principles you have to follow – more or less you have to eat right and exercise. If you violate those principles, then your health deteriorates. 

This is also true for your soul. 

Everywhere you go, no matter who you are, young or old, rich or poor, brokenness clings to us. It is often issues of the soul that keep us from intimacy with God and others, that hold us back from overcoming our fears. We believe that just like there are principles for physical health, the Scriptures offer us principles that will lead us to find new healing and freedom for our souls.  As we begin this new year, WMBC begins a journey of exploring the health of our souls, and the principles that will lead to life change. Often in Scripture, agricultural imagery is used for matters of the soul.  If you want to remove the weeds from your garden, you have to get at the root, if you don’t, the weeds come back. This is true of our souls, if we want to experience true transformation, we must move beyond behavioral management and get to the root causes that our motivating our actions. God knows that if we get our hearts and our souls healthy, our behaviours will follow

This year, let’s journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ.