Square One World Media

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Global Outreach

Square One World Media has been producing Christ-centered programming since 1947 for radio and later expanding to tv and online media as well.

Micha's Super Vlog

A cartoon series that teaches Christian values through topics such as loving your enemies, and forgiveness.

Check it out at michassupervlog.com

Ekj ran

Low German radio and video resources for young people that address relevant issues through interviews, pane discussions and contemporary music. Find them on Facebook and YouTube!

They also minister through Spanish radio programs and on Russian television using puppetry, animation and music!

Pray for Square One this month

For the families and individuals they are reaching to hear and accept God’s truths as well be encouraged in their faith journeys.

For their message to be at the tips of peoples fingers; in the form of an app that is currently being developed.