Staff Picks Summer Reading List

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Behind the Scenes

Looking for some good books to add to your summer reading list? Here are some of our favourites!

Small Town Jesus

by Donnie Griggs

“Have you ever thought what “Jesus of Nazareth” actually means?  Small Town Jesus is a great little book about the implications of God choosing that Jesus be born in a small town and how to live on mission in a rural setting.”

– Terry Dueck (Lead Pastor)

fierce marriage

by Ryan & Selena Fredrick

“It has been so good to start our marriage off with such good resources, and this is one that Dylan and I have both found to be helpful! Having never really been a big reader, this book was a really easy read, from a Christian perspective and actually fun!”

– Natalie Wiebe (Reception)

Keep your Love on

by Danny Silk

“Great relationship builder. The book is written primarily for marriage but this carries over into all relationships with practical ways to communicate while still having boundaries and showing love.  So good and I recommend for all couples especially engaged/newly weds.”

– Colleen Giesbrecht (Programming Director)

“This book is incredible because it really helped me figure out how to set priorities and boundaries in my life, and stick to them! Danny’s teaching is so powerful in how to take care of yourself while loving the people around you to the best of your ability.”

– Janessa Damphousse (Programming Director)

Translating God

by Shawn Bolz

“Can you really hear God? Does He speak today? Shawn Bolz shares testimonies of his successes and failures in hearing God’s voice. Take the plunge and be inspired and equipped to learn how to hear God for yourself and others, grow through simple focused steps, take great risks, stay accountable, love people well, and grow in intimacy with the Lord.”

– Mike Franz (Team Development Director)

discover your God-given gifts

by Don & Katie Fortune

“This book was a huge help in pinpointing our unique, God-given talents and makeup. As well as outlining the ways we can serve the church from our strengths, the book also gives insight into the common pitfalls we may face when our gifts are used in immaturity.” 

– Kayla Sukkau (Communications)

present over perfect

by Shauna Niequist

“This book covers a topic that I think everyone deals with at some point (more like most of the time), how to quit ‘the busy’ and find rest.

In this book she uses being at the lake as a huge part of her story, which is something I can relate to and enjoy. Another easy read with great takeaways!”

– Natalie Wiebe (Reception)

subverting global myths

by Vinoth Ramachandra

“Ramachandra invites us to look behind the popular understandings of modern hot button topics like terrorism, religious violence, and science. Simple explanations of these complex topics, or the slogans that get posted on banners, often paint issues as black and white when the real picture is set in shades of grey.”

– Luke Hildebrand (Community Life Pastor)