by | Sep 27, 2017 | Our Stories

What’s at the end of your rope?

More than 1 in 4 Canadians describe their day-to-day lives as highly stressful.  What stresses you out?   And have you ever thought about what your’re stress is actually attached to?  Like, if you follow the trail of your stress all the way to the end, get to the source, what it would be?  It usually takes you to your deepest fears.  So here’s a question for you – “What’s at the end of your rope?”  You maybe be surprised to discover the answer.  And what’s at the end of your rope says a lot about why you worry and how to reduce your anxiety.  The following testimony is from Colleen, our Family Ministries Programming Director, as she shares how Jesus met her in her stress just this past weekend at Holy Spirit Encounter…

“I was in my office Friday evening, continuing to work through all the last minute stuff for Sunday.  I had a head ache, hadn’t stopped for supper, so I was hungry, and a bit peeved.  I had spent WAY too much time at the office that week, my head was WAY too full with some anxiety regarding Sunday.  I was burnt out – in all ways – spiritually, physically and mentally.  Exactly what leadership have been trying to keep staff from coming to – I was all in.  I sat there, listened to the P&W starting, and I was peeved that leadership decided to pour yet another element into another crazy weekend.  I certainly didn’t feel like going, but decided to sneak in the back, it would be a quick way out if my head would explode and my stomach growled too loud.

It happened to be the perfect place for me to be – I came broken, tired and needing something to help me keep going.  There was a moment where we were all invited to seek the presence of God.  Just to stand in His presence and I did!  I saw myself throw a cloak off of myself that represented “Staff”, threw off another cloak that represented “Mom”, and stood just as myself, Colleen, before God.  And the words “You are enough” flowed through me.  It was like the air cleared and I revelled in peace.  My soul was so very hungry, and I soaked in all that the Spirit had prepared for me that weekend.  I walked away free from shame last weekend, and with a fresh, true perspective on who I am in Christ.”

We’ve all been there, stressed, worried, anxious, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  This month at WMBC we’re going to tackle the topic of stress and anxiety in the teaching series, “The Struggle is Real”. It will be practical and hopeful.  We can find peace and freedom from the frantic worries of life through the presence of Jesus.