Turtle Island Community Church

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Global Outreach



  • In need of children’s ministry. Due to inconsistent numbers, it has been difficult to create a children’s ministry but we need to develop a program that would work with those who do come and anticipate returning.

  • Weekly Community Prayer & Smudging. The park adjacent to the church is a popular location for drug meets and other negativity. We choose to publicly cover the park with blessings each week. Pray that this will continue to soften the hearts of the community.

  • Life Journey – Weekly Meal & Sharing. Pray that those who come to the meals will come into community and trusting relationship and eventually stay for the sharing time.

Turtle Island Christmas Celebration

You can show your support by helping Turtle Island Community Chruch celebrate Christmas in their neighbourhood. Primarily we want to lead with love by learning to listen to their stories and experiences, this is how relationship and reconciliation grows. We also want to financially cover the cost of the community meal and we are looking for volunteers to help bring music, drama and kids activities at the Community Centre. 

go@winklermb.com | November 24 
Arrive at TICC (510 King Street) by 1:30 pm, Finished by 5:00 pm

A few weeks ago we were privileged to have Justin Dueck share how he became involved in Turtle Island Community Church and the impact it has had on him.