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Computer Tech

Worship Ministry

WMBC Worship Ministry is looking for a computer tech to join one of our worship teams.  This person must have a basic knowledge of computers and be willing to attend rehearsals as well as Sunday morning services when that team is scheduled.  If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering please contact Dinah@winklermb.com.

Preschool Resource Provider

Kids Groups

Resource Provider for Preschool Kids Groups (when we start up again) This role is all about preparing the needs for small group leaders – like pre-cutting craft projects, going shopping for supplies, preparing all resources for small group leaders. Hours: approx. 2-3 hours during the week. No Sunday hours. Behind the scenes role that can be done at volunteers’ own time. For more info please contact Colleen@winklermb.com or Mike@winklermb.com.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Renewal Application

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Are you interested in making a difference but aren’t quite sure where to start?
We’d love to connect with you, even take you out for coffee, and have a conversation about your passions and interests.
Simply reach out to me, Mike Franz at (204) 325-8322 (church office), or you can email me at mike@winklermb.com.
Let’s chat, I’d enjoy getting to know you better!