by | Nov 29, 2017 | Sermon Series

Do you feel like you have outgrown christmas?

Increasingly we are living in a society that is post-Christian and believes they have outgrown their faith, outgrown Christmas.

This isn’t just true of “Canada” but this is increasingly becoming true of Winkler.  For many, Christmas has become this unbelievable fairy tale story that someone must have come up with to give Jesus a divine beginning.  This advent at WMBC, we want to unpack the Christmas story and look at why God choose these events to reveal his Son to us, from three different perspectives.  Who needs Christmas?  The world did, God did, we did.  This advent we will be reminded through the remarkable events of Jesus birth, that God is active even when it seems like he’s not.  And that God sent his son not simply to be the Saviour of the world, but the Savour of you in your world.

This advent our encouragement to you is to begin praying for the “post-Christians” in your life, in your sphere of influence, and consider inviting them to re-engage with the Christmas story at WMBC.  Invite them to “From Everywhere to Bethlehem”, ask them, “what do you think about all of this?” and then just listen.  Invite to join you for a “Christmas” Sunday service at WMBC, or invite them to the Family Christmas program.  Christmas church events by-in-large still seem “safe” to those outside the church because Christmas is still such a huge part of our culture.  Let’s be invitational this advent, because it turns out, we all need Christmas.