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common directory questions

How do I sign up for the Directory?

Use the Sign-up link above to be added to our online and future printed directories. If you request an online sign-up we will send you an e-mail for you to set up your own user name and password.

How do I access My Profile and the Directory?

To access the Directory, use the Login link in the top menu bar. You will then need to enter your user name and password to log in.

Apps are also available for download for phones and tablets. Search the app store for Breeze ChMS to see if it is available for your device. Once downloaded you will be asked for our Church ID which is winklermb. Then log in using your personal username and password.

How do I update my information?

Once you have an account set up please go to “My Profile” to confirm that the information we have entered for you is up to date. If any information is not current, please move your cursor over the heading that needs updating and select “click to edit section”. Please do not erase any name or contact information as this information is used by staff and for annual donation receipts. Feel free to update any of your contact info as it changes.

**Please check each member of your family to confirm that the information listed is accurate and that your privacy settings are correct.**

What if I don't want all of my contact information shared?

If you wish to make your home phone, cell phone, address, or e-mail address private, you can do that through your profile. We ask that you leave a minimum of one phone number or e-mail address available in the directory as the purpose of the directory if to help create community.

If there is any contact info you wish to make private (not viewable in the directory), select edit in the Contact heading. Then go to the information you’d like to make private and select “Show More Options”. Select “Make Private”. For phone numbers, you will be able to choose which numbers you wish to make private by clicking “all numbers” and selecting the one(s) you wish to make private. As noted above, please do not erase your contact information.

How do I add Pictures?

Individual pictures – We invite you to upload a picture of yourself (individually) for your profile by clicking the image beside your name and uploading a picture. We encourage you to repeat these steps for each of your family members by visiting their individual profiles (accessible in your profile under the Family heading). For single individuals, your profile picture will be used for future photo directories.

Families are also encouraged to upload a family picture by going to the family heading and selecting the “click to edit section”, then selecting “Add Family Picture”. Family pictures will be used for future printed photo directories. If a family picture is not added, one of the adult’s pictures will be used to represent the family.

If you prefer to have us upload a picture for you, please e-mail your picture(s) to and request that it be added to your profile. Please remember to include a picture of each person individually as well as a family picture.

How do I access my Giving records?

When in your profile, select giving from the menu on the left and it will display your giving records for the current year. If you have any questions about your giving, please e-mail

How do I access other peoples' profiles (the Online Directory)?

Visit “People” to access other WMBC profiles or type the person’s name in the search box in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Anyone who has requested to be a part of the directory will have their information available here. It may take some time for our online directory to grow, so if you see someone is missing from the directory invite them to sign up.

All other services are completely free for our donors. The church pays nominal fees for PayPal and Giving Kiosk transactions for the convenience and security of these services.