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Study Guide – July 25

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“Christians are not different from the rest in their nationality, language or customs. They live in their own countries, but as sojourners. They fulfill all their duties as citizens, but they suffer as foreigners. They find their homeland wherever they are, but their homeland is not in any one place. They are in the flesh, but do not live according to the flesh. They live on earth, but are citizens of heaven. They obey all laws, but they live higher than that required by law. They love all, but all persecute them.” – Address to Diognetus (Circa 2nd/3rd century)

Peter writes to the early church that was struggling to encourage and remind them of the great opportunity that trials bring to show the world the difference Jesus makes in our lives. In the opening verses, Peter begins with their identity as God’s chosen people and calls to their attention their uniqueness as “foreigners” or “strangers” in the land. What does it look like for the church in MB to live as “strangers in the land” in 2021? Join us as we explore this theme together.