July 9

this sunday Join us live on Sunday at 10 as Terry continues teaching through Paul’s letter to Philemon and the radical request being made of him to forgive a runaway slave. Forgiveness and reconciliation lies at the core message of the Gospel. How we live our lives...

June 25

Celebrating a new startEh Tha Boe's Story We're excited to celebrate a graduation that no doubt holds special significance for Winkler student Eh Tha Boe. Unlike many of his classmates, Eh Tha Boe grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand with his parents and four...

June 11

Fully Known, Fully Loved By Tracey Dyck I used to be a really bad driver. Mind you, I’m not claiming to be a great driver now but I used to be a *really* bad driver. Once, when I was seventeen, I was leaving to go to work and put the Toyota Camry — which my parents...

June 4

How are you doing? no really... Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse to where you are at personally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Thank you for your words of affirmation, your creative ideas, and your prayers. This information helps know where to...

May 28

"I'm not the right person for this." this sundayGod’s promises empower you. They give you the strength to face what you can’t face on your own. They fill you with courage and lead you to freedom. Join us for a new series as we learn to leave our cage of circumstances...

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