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Donation receipts will be issued in February. Questions? Contact

Other Ways to Donate

Cash or Cheque

Cash, Cheque (made out to WMBC), or Debit, Visa, and Master Card donations may be made at the Giving Kiosk. Post-dated will be securely stored.


Add “Winkler MB Church – General Fund” as a payee on Credit Union’s online banking system; use your ten-digit phone number as your account.


Send e-Transfers to; include your phone number/email address in the memo for your first e-Transfer donation.

Automatic Debit

Download the setup form to make recuring donations directly from your bank account.

Vehicle Donations

Call the office (204-325-8322) to inquire about donating your vehicle for G-Force.

PayPal Donations

Use the form above to set up one-time or recurring online donations through PayPal.

As per WMBC’s Fundraising Policy: Allocation of funds is confined to Leadership Board approved programs and purchases. Each gift designated toward an approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that when any given need has been met, or where projects cannot be carried out for any reason, designated gifts will be used where needed most. Due to charity laws, donations may not be returned for any reason.


How will my donation be used?

Unless a donation is designated to a specific fundraiser or approved project, all donations go toward our General Fund. WMBC’s unified budget includes funding for ministries that serve all ages, support for our local outreach, global outreach and the MB conference, upkeep for our facility, and funds to cover our human resource needs.

Can I designate my donation to a specific project?

Occasional fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year and instructions on how to designate your donation towards these Board Approved projects will be provided.

How can I keep track of my giving?

All donors who support WMBC’s general fund will receive quarterly giving statements, outlining their donations. Additional updates are available upon request. You may also access your giving records in your online directory profile. Click here to sign up for the directory.

Does my donation qualify for a donation receipt?

As long as no benefits were received by the donor in exchange for their donation is for WMBC’s general fund or a board approved project/fundraiser then the donation will be receipted. Donation receipts are issued annually and are typically mailed in January/February. All donations are receipted in accordance with CRA’s guidelines. Any If you received goods in exchange for a donation (example: fundraiser meal) you may be eligible for a partial donation receipt.

Will I get a donation receipt if I donate a vehicle?

Yes – G-Force will appraise the fair market value of the vehicle and a donation receipt will be issued to the registered owner.

Is there any charge or fee to me for these services?

Please check with your financial institution to find out if CU@home banking, Interac transactions, or cheques are included with your current banking package – there may be fees charged by your financial institution for these options.

All other services are completely free for our donors. The church pays nominal fees for PayPal and Giving Kiosk transactions for the convenience and security of these services.

Question or Need Help? or call us (204) 325-8322