At WMBC we’ve identified five milestones in your child’s life that we think are important to celebrate as a family. Milestones are key discipleship moments in your child or teen that can launch them forward in their relationship with Jesus!

Child Dedication at WMBC is an opportunity for parents to declare their desire to raise their child to know and love Jesus and invite their community to be part of this discipling journey.  The event is a 3 part process where parents hear about Child D and what it means to dedicate their child, come together for an orientation, and then attend the event with family and friends to celebrate this milestone.

Starting school is a huge event in the life of a child—and their parents.  We believe this is a milestone worth celebrating and walking alongside parents as their family transitions from preschool to school routines.  We offer Meet and Greet playdates to help connect parents and their kindergarteners to other families going through the same transition, followed up with celebrating in fall when the child starts school for the first time.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to own the most important book they’ll ever read – the Bible!  We also believe that parents are the ones to connect their child to the word of God.  WMBC provides the Bibles and we partner with parents so they present it to them. This event is open to all families with kids in grade 2.

Next Bible Handout takes place Fall 2021 for children in Grade 2 this fall.

Do you have a new teenager in your home?  This is a great year for you as a parent to be intentional with your son or daughter and create a meaningful experience for them as they transition into adulthood.  We are here to help support and resource parents as their child turns 13.

Becoming a Teenager Resource Packages are available year-round.

Graduating from High School is such an exciting moment in the lives of our kids. Our Graduation celebration lets our grade 12 students know that we are proud of them, that they are worth celebrating, and we are committed to continuing walking with them into the future.