Many in our city have been robbed of experiencing Christ’s love because of their perception of the church.

Like someone seeing colour for the first time, we desperately want people to see the church in a new light so that they discover Jesus.

We have an audacious dream that by the year 2030, every member of WMBC will have in their own unique way changed the perception of the church in their circle of influence, resulting in 50,000 stories of God’s love through the movement of His church!

The first step in that journey is learning to listen well!

We will never be able to change our neighbours and culture’s negative stereotypes or perceptions of the church if we don’t take the time to listen to what they are.

In this series we’re going to learn and train ourselves to offer the gift of listening. Listening is a gift that sparks intimacy, discovery, and an awareness of God’s presence. In an age where the church has to earn the right to be heard, there is no better to do that than to listen first.

This resource guide is a companion for our fall teaching series on listening and we encourage you to begin the journey with us as we learn to love others through unhurried listening. If you are unsure what to do and who to help, listen to the person nearest you, and prepare to be changed by what you hear.

Have a story about the power of listening?  Share it with us! Contact one of our pastoral staff or send your story to